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When I started this blog originally, I couldn’t reveal my identity for reasons of candidate confidentiality (exam submission).   I always intended to continue this blog, post exam, and to reveal  my identity……

…but I’m not going to!

I’ve decided to keep my identity as secret as my legendary guacamole recipe!

Even as a young child, I never stayed in the same place for long.  Back then, it wasn’t my choice (my parents were in the Forces) but the experience taught me to adapt to new situations and new people very quickly (gaining new vocabulary and new accents along the way) and to never pass up an opportunity to try out the local food and drink!

Since then, I’ve spent considerable time in Spanish-speaking countries (particularly Mexico and Spain), as well as in South Africa, USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Japan and Australia, along with England, Scotland and, last but not least….Wales!

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